inspecting a water gun

led to this conclusion:

it shot cold blank stares;

a refreshing experience,

enough to forget sultry summer.

People weren’t hurt when under fire,

at least not from a distance!

Soaked to the soul,

they would radiate like joy;

Anxiety eventually evaporated

into scotch mist.


6 thoughts on “Cloudburst

  1. Firstly, I want to applaud this creative poetry. If there is one thing that I have learned but not yet mastered about poetry, it is that don’t ‘tell’ your reader what is going on in the poetry; ‘describe’ it to them. Dont ‘tell’ them you are in love, ‘describe’ how you felt like a robin in spring when you saw that beautiful angel. And I applaud you for mastering it. Because poetry is not a concrete thought, it is abstract and different minds perceive in different ways just like different hearts connect it in different ways. I think it is a brilliant way to write poetry and I loved the creative word choice. I loved how it is a story but still not. I know I can sound confusing but I would like to say how I perceived it. Although yes,the ideas kept on diffusing into various other ideas that it looked a bit scattered but I felt like sometimes it is the readers’ duty to collect it together and grab the theme. To me, the first look made it sound like about a season and how soothing the cool water can be during that time but then it changed. I perceive as it to be about life in a bigger picture. Sometimes even the writer is not aware of how wonderfully the theme can be diverted to the readers. The writer produces while the readers discover. I felt like it was a connection between nature and man and how their is a little soothing, a little relief and a little hope amongst the pain and obstacles in life ; (fire and water) are dangerous yet very interesting combination. More like acid and alkali, balances things out as to be neutral. I know I might sound insane and I might be absolutely wrong about this but I still felt like sharing. A wonderful write!! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. and also when I was younger.. I was often soaked with waterguns.. in the middle of class.. some would call it bullying, I merely thought of it as.. just another obstacle to survive until the end of the school day.. so you could imagine the poem in a sarcastic sense.

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  2. I liked your interpretation because you found a way to link nature to my poem. You know I see a lot of beautiful poems about nature including Thomas Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush” but not enough poems about HUMAN NATURE. Even in the Literature syllabus for Cambridge. đŸ˜¦

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