Life: A momentary bliss

This life we are living is temporary. Fifty years? Seventy? Or even ninety? Some are unfortunate enough to die at the age of twelve. This twelve year old was deprived of the whole teenage life. And what more? He was deprived of the numerous beautiful things of nature left unseen.

You call this fair? Each of us are born for a reason. Feeding our loved ones by working hard day and night is enough of a reason to live. A major right to live. Some people took this right to themselves slapping twelve year old children to death. And what’s more ironic? These people are living among us in the same society, the same country. Yes, I’m talking about Rajon. The boy who has been brutally slapped and kicked to death. This is however just one single incident. Similar occurrences are taking place every day. Lives being taken away illegally.
We have seen in the newspaper the murderers of Rajon. We held them liable and cursed them for their action. But they’re the same human beings of the society. The society created them. The society made them into what they are. So, a question to us all. Isn’t it us who have killed the twelve year old? If we had given proper education to the murderers, proper guidance; would this unpleasant occurrence have taken place?
Instead of blaming them, we should be blaming ourselves. We are to be hold accountable for all the things happening around us – good and bad. When something good happens we are always fighting over each other to win the credit but when something bad happens, no one wants to bear the responsibility.
This kind of mentality should be got ridden of. The mindset we fixed to ourselves needs to be distorted. We have to formulate a society where everyone will be treated equally; with respect and with love. We need to learn to offer a helping hand to people who need it. Only then can we change this Planet into a better place to live. Of course, the light will overcome darkness one day; removing all the shadows and all the gloom out of our minds.


4 thoughts on “Life: A momentary bliss

  1. You know what is shameful? The fact that I had to think twice before even commenting on this post even if I am agreeing to it. (I hope I made my first point).

    I agree to it and I am glad that you pointed out to the root of our problem. But I would like to add one more thing, after everything all we end up doing is just “discussing” about it. We will ‘discuss’ one problem one day, blame the next and stop eventually and stir up a new story to overlap and overlook the others.

    I think this piece is very brave and outspoken. I think it is very thoughtful yet direct and motivating writing. I loved how you concluded with a ray of hope. Hats off for it.

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  2. moving on to the real point of this article… responsibility.. I’m going to quote Zaros..

    “It is my belief that everything that occurs in life – both good and bad – should be used to forge oneself, to better oneself. Where Guthix sought balance in the world, I seek balance in oneself.”

    Bangladesh has approx 160 million+ people.. and it isn’t easy to take responsibility for the actions of so many other people… I think it is in the best interests of everyone to look after their own concern but at the same time do their best not to harm others…

    as Hippocrates said, “If you can do no good, at least do no harm.”

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