I need some time to think

Time to clear my head

I need a place to sink

So this shadow can take my stead

Morbid thoughts taking over

Not long before I enter the abyss

Dismal feeling yet quite not sober

As death grants me its final kiss

The last flower begins to wilt

In this cesspool of endless guilt

Warning of impending demise

In light of the promised moonrise

Even after all I’ve done

Why am I the only one

With a heart of stone?

All alone… all alone…

It’s as though I’m temporary

Easy to replace!

But some things are contemporary

Blessed with eternal grace

Last signs of life are fading away

There is no pain, no dismay

Ethereal wings begin to unfurl

Gates can be seen, made of pearl

AN: It may come as somewhat of a shock but a particular episode of Tom & Jerry which featured Tom dying and being barred  from entry into heaven had me contemplating about the consequences of our actions and how to make the most of our time in this finite existence.


7 thoughts on “Finite

  1. This is such a well-thought and beautifully expressed poetry that I completely loved every bit of it. The thing that left me awestruck is how much variety you have blended in into this poetry! I was delighted to see the rhyme 1212…and then very wisely,it was directed into a different rhythm of 1122..and then it started running into a cycle of flawless flow. I found the thought astoundingly presented and deeply contemplated. It is incredible how from a very short scene of Tom & Jerry has inspired such a great poetry. Impressed!! The poetry meter is perfect and so is the flow. Thank YOU for sharing this.

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        1. well I had Lit in O’ levels and usually when the poet changed rhyme schemes it would signify a change… here the transition represents how the epitomized person transitions from life to death.


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