l used to love stickers when I was a little boy. I loved to collect them and stick them on some of my favorite objects. My siblings used to bring and keep stickers in a drawer for me. Every time I’d come home, I’d see a new collection of Barbie, transformers, spider man, etc. stickers in the drawer. One time, when I came home from school, I went ahead to check into the drawer for new stickers my brothers and sister left me that day. I was saddened to see that there were non… for the first time. At that moment, I felt that I had to check the drawer for a second time. I was surprised to see that there were 2 stickers in the drawer now. Then I decided to shut the drawer and slide it open one more time. Surprisingly, there were 5 stickers, it was like magic! Then greed took over me. Suddenly 5 stickers were not enough. I wanted more. So, I shut the drawer and opened it again. This time… there was no more stickers.
I was scared of losing my stickers! Where did the stickers go?! My precious stickers!!! I slid the drawers shut and open again and again for as many times as I could but not a single sticker appeared.
From that day on… I decided not to look for stickers anymore.


2 thoughts on “Stickers.

  1. To be honest, this could be a very interesting kids’ story ( which is actually a very good thing)!! I loved the way you started the story with relation to ownself and how it connects to you because it makes the audience care about something that you fascinate. As the story gradually proceeds it creates a soft side for the character in the reader’s heart and then it ends with a bang! It ends with a magic of moral (pun intended). ^_^ This was a cute write.

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