Pills …

Sometimes I get so far in my head ,
That I forget everything else exists

I lay crying in my bed ,
Then I see my bruised wrists…

Sorry my precious , Sorry my love …
I did it again…

Because the world came crashing from above ,
I take the pills to stop the pain.

When the pills course through my veins ,
Everything starts to numb .

Yet tears fall from my eyes like rain ,
I start to succumb.

My body starts shaking ,
My eyes start to dilate.

My bones start aching .
and I wait.

For this misery to end ,
I will greet death as a friend…


6 thoughts on “Pills …

  1. My heart sank as I kept reading this poem. 😥 This is beautifully written and so much pain is being concealed in the veins that all they bleed is tears. This stabbed my heart but I can’t act ignorant to the fact that this is becoming the treading reality of the world. It is extremely well-portrayed in this poem and hats off for writing such a serious issue with such delicacy.

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  2. OMG ! … It means a lot that my poem could connect to you on such a level. I really try expressing my thoughts and emotions as much as I can. and You know , they say experience teaches us the most. This poem is kinda like that. I finally see it all clear after going through this…
    I really really appreciate you expressing your thoughts … 🙂 Thanks a lot. It means a lot to me. :’)


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