It’s raining……again, Renji concluded while looking up at the sky with his usual expressionless gaze; it always rained on that day.

He glanced at the pedestrians on the street either opening their umbrellas or enjoying a good shower in the rain; irrelevant and pathetic. What was so blissful about the rain anyway? Why did people enjoy it to begin with? Stupid, all of it was stupid and worthless and pathetic and –

Renji bumped against an umbrella causing his glasses to tumble down onto the rain-drenched sidewalk and it was only then that the black haired lad noticed that the rain was beating down rather heavily.

Very heavily.

He crouched before taking his glasses and cleaning it with his rain-drenched T shirt (with no result whatsoever as it only worsened the condition of his glasses further) and put it back on.

He grimaced as the raindrops trailed down the rectangular lenses.

He stood up while his hollow gaze fell on a flower shop and he paused to look at it while the raindrops dripped from his messy, black locks.

“Hey Renji! Buy me roses! Lots and lots of red roses! I love them!” the brown haired girl yelled enthusiastically while beaming a smile that was as warm as the sun.

He walked up to the flower shop before asking for a bouquet of red roses and heard the shop keeper mutter something about the flowers getting wet because of the rain.

He paid the shop keeper before he started walking at an unknown destination again.

People did not like him and he was accustomed to that; it was a universal fact.

The sky was blue, the trees were green, people didn’t like him……it was always like that.

He wasn’t a rebel but he wasn’t exactly the nice guy  type either and due to his rude, sharp, quick and sarcastic replies, he was labeled a social outcast delinquent.

His world was dull and grey and he had made sure to build strong walls around his heart so that no one would even bother with him because, honestly, what was the guarantee that they wouldn’t betray him?

“You’re Renji? I’m Rukia!” she smiled while the glasses lad looked at her with a surprised look. The brown haired girl grabbed his wrist before beaming again saying, “Let’s be friends, Renji!” and the glasses boy could only stare at her with wonder in his eyes.

Yes, his world had been dull and grey……until she came and turned the tables.

All of a sudden, the world did not seem so empty or irrelevant or pathetic anymore and Renji, the social outcast delinquent, got himself one real and true friend.

Renji walked silently in the heavy rain while his tired eyes found the place he was looking for; he heard something within him crack while he walked into the cemetery.

He balled his fists while his entire body tensed when he stopped at a certain tombstone; it was written Rukia Vongola.

Everything had been perfect and he was beginning to think that his life did have a meaning and that he did belong somewhere when the world decided to be cruel and took the most precious person he had in his life.

It had been a rather calm and beautiful morning and Rukia had made Renji promise that he would take her for a tour around the town with his bicycle and they were enjoying without a care for the world when a truck came and all Renji could see was blood and blood.

And now, six years later, the nineteen year old lad stood in front of his childhood friend’s grave with a bouquet of red roses in hand.

Renji swallowed the lump on his throat.

“Hey….I came. Sorry for being late,” he said in a low voice.

“H – here’s your red roses……just like you always wanted,” Renji continued in a shaky voice while crouching down to put it in front of the tombstone.

“….I……” he could not find the voice to continue as the rain poured heavily; he wanted to die.

It was all his fault, it was definitely his fault.

If he was just a little more careful….if he wasn’t so excited….Rukia would still be here…..right beside him.

“Renji! Let’s go to the café together!”

Renji gritted his teeth.

“Renji!! Teach me how to makes origamis, okay?”

He balled his fists.

“We’ll be best friends forever okay? You and I…….forever!”

“Sorry,” he mumbled after a long time.

“If I wasn’t so careless…..if I……you’d still be here…..it’s all my fault,” he admitted leaning his head down.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Sorry,” he put a hand on his face.

“Sorry,” he repeated again while looking at the tombstone with guilty eyes.

The rain had stopped but Renji did not know when it had.

He caressed the tombstone with a pained smile before standing up and whispering, “Please…..forgive me,”

And as he took a couple of steps, he heard a faint voice reply, “I forgive you….Renji,”

From that day onward, it never rained on Rukia’s death anniversary.


2 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Haha I did change a bit though but I decided to stick with the original. This was probably the start of me writing angst and sad and dark stuffs and I don’t regret it.


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