Letters to My Best Friend, X.

Day 1

Dear X,

It has only been one day since you left, but I miss you already.
I hope you like your new school and make lots of new friends.
I hope they treat you well.

Something occurred to me today. It’s funny because it was too soon
to think about something like that. I thought…that you will make a new best friend who will take my place and soon you will stop missing me. Very soon you will begin to erase me from your mind like I was nothing but merely a childhood memory that meant to be forgotten.
However, no matter what, I will never forget you. Please keep this in your mind, that I will always seek you out. I will always be there to keep you company, to make you smile and keep you happy.

So please keep in touch and write me letters about how you are doing every now and then. I’d like to know that you’re doing fine. I like the idea of keeping in touch. Here is my number, 01XXXXXXXXX, call me whenever you’re feeling down.

Your Best Friend


PS. Keep that ‘Joker’ card safe. It will be the sign of our friendship.

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2 thoughts on “Letters to My Best Friend, X.

  1. Being lost in our own world of busy-ness, we can barely afford anytime to read a big and thick book. So, does that mean we should just quit reading? Nah! You come up with solutions like short stories. It keeps us equally entertained and involved.
    Loved this writing. One of my “weakness” would be short stories because I find it complex to arrange the plots. But you have done with such ease that I truly admire it. Yes, it was plain yet deep. I would love to keep up with this story. It is most definitely NOT silly but so thoughtful if any reader pays attention. To me,it is about maturely handling a situation,while still battling with heart and mind. It is beautifully portrayed. Looking forward to more!! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!! LOVED THE CONCLUSION. And you were very creative with X and Y !! I am curious with this piece. Because for me it sounds more like…WHY (Y) are you my X (ex)…or X and Y completes the alphabets….X and Y are the ending letters…I know I sound insane sometimes :3 but yes, I found it fascinating. THANKS FOR SHARING!!


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