You end up crying on your bed every night with one hand on your mouth and the other on your chest ‘Cause it hurts.

You literally want to scream at the world that you miss him, you really do.
You want to shout out loud that you can not walk this earth without him.
You simply can not.
You keep fighting the world. For days, weeks, months and then years? Patience has its limits too.
And as days pass, you don’t weep anymore.
You, the most fun-loving girl of the class, the one who never ran out of words when it came to speaking… Ain’t you anymore.
You simply don’t like speaking anymore like before,you start detaching yourself from friends and family.
Yet you haven’t stopped dreaming. A little voice within still screams and you know someday, somewhere, somehow you will be right there standing next to him, watch him grow older till death.

Why can’t we just be together?
There are so many people in our way.
I know our life won’t be easy,
But I’ll fight ‘Cause I’m here to stay.’


3 thoughts on “You.

  1. The fact that such beautiful piece of writing is going without a response seemed a bit disappointing to me but no worries 😉 Anika is here to save the day (nah! Just kidding).

    Coming to this exquisite symphony of words, I loved how you expressed with such ease yet with distinct effort. Your writing shows how much more I got to learn and I am extremely inspired. I loved the read and enjoyed every bit of it. I mean my words. It was soothing in a way that yes, someone is there to relate! I loved how you ended with a hope,yet with a stronger outlook. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful writing. Keep writing and keep inspiring readers like me. THE TITLE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

    Just a little thought : Line 12 (from top) says “Ain’t you anymore.” I absolutely admire the accent you tried using and but I felt that instead of “anymore”, if you would have used “no more” it would have sound a bit more southern (in context to American literature). But I know so little that my suggestion might be absolutely WRONG but still felt like adding what I felt.

    Loved it as a whole and am glad that you wrote it. THANK YOU.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg,you wrote so much?This surely inspired me to write more often.
      And thank you for correction, it would actually sound better if I insert ‘no more’. And can’t wait to see you girl! XOXO.


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