Its your presence that bleeds ,
Its your smile that unveils ,
My lovely friend it’s your soul that needs ,
Relief from the pain which exceeds…

You have been strong for far too long ,
But its time to let go,
Trust one more time and say yes .
Let someone take this pain off your chest .

I know its hard for you to trust .
And your heart has turned into dust ,
Its people like I you disgust ,
But trusting someone one more time is one thing you must.

Forget the pain ,
Walk in the morning rain ,
Show me your pretty smile ,
And I swear you will find someone worthwhile.

Let someone fall in love with those beautiful eyes ,
Forget all those goodbyes ,
Don’t let the person I knew get lost between those cries ,
Let your angel wings grow back and rise.


3 thoughts on “Rise…

  1. Omg!! This is such an insightful poem and it touched me to depth! ^_^ I loved this piece and I felt like this is a work of art turned into magic. ^_^ I can relate to every bit of it. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece. God bless and keep it up! 😀

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