Awesome Anime Phrases and Words by Uchiha_Society

We all have a buddy who uses words like “oye, bakayaro” to greet us and “URUSAI, KISAMA” to shut us up.

Here are some of those famous Japanese phrases used in animes that most (otaku) high school kids employ to impress nowadays:

  1. Sugoi: Awesome. (THIS IS SO SUGOI!!)sugoi

When everything is cool and perfect!

  2.Kisama: It is a masculine form of insult to openly express distaste towards an individual/Damn you. (tchh… that Kisama…)


However my definition might be, this insult is feistiest in its own form.

  3.Baka/Bakayarou: Idiot, stupid. (OMAE WA BAKADA: You’re an idiot!)

When your friend is just a pea brained idiot, there is no better word than BAKA for a suitable nickname.

  4.Dou yu koto/ dou yu koto da: What does it mean? What do you mean? (Dou iu koto da, Baka-kun?/ what do you mean baka-kun? )

do iu koto da

When you’re confused and cannot understand anything, just ask: DO IU KOTO DA?! OSHIETE YO! NOW!

  5.Yamete/ yamete kudasai/ yamero: Stop/ Please stop/ STOP IT! (ya-yametesenpai! Kyaa!)

yamete kudasai

Use ‘yamete’ when you just want it all to stop…. or do you?

 6.Doushita: whats wrong? / What happened? (doushita? senpai?/ Why did you stop, senpai?)


When you start wondering why senpai stopped noticing you. Doushita senpai?

 7.Matte yo/ matte kudasai/ Chotto matte: wait! / Please wait for me/ wait a second! (matte kudasai!)

chotto matte
When your fellow companions are leaving you behind, shout: CHOTTO MATTE KUDASAIIII!

 8.Urusai: shut up! (Urusai, Bakarayo!)


When your stupid otaku friend won’t stop talking about boku no pico, shouting ‘urusai!’ is probably the best way to shut him up.

9.Mendokusee/men dok sey: what a pain in the butt. ( mendokusee….)

men dokusee
When a fellow otaku is a constant pain in the butt, just sigh and say ‘mendokusee’.

 10.Itte/ itee: ouch! (itte! It hurts!)


It is simply an otaku-ish way of saying ouch.

 11.Ikuzo/iku: Let’s go/ get out of here/ let’s get out of here (ikuzo, minna).


A pretty cool way to say ‘let’s go’, every otaku will be obligated to follow you at once, whether they like it or not.

 12.Gomen/gomenasai: Sorry/ sorry (formal) (GOMENASAI SENPAI! I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!)


When you’re extremely apologetic towards your senpai and just want him to forgive you & start noticing you again.

 13.Yatta: hurray, I did it, yes! (yatta! I finally got senpai to notice me!)

It’s time that you celebrate this weird achievement by saying ‘yatta!’

 14.Yappari: I knew it! (yappari!)


When you find out that senpai has been cheating behind your back.

 15.Minna: everyone/ everybody (yamero, minna!)

minna san

All, everyone, everybody, etc, etc.

16.Kusso/ kuso: s#!t, S#!T! (KUSO!)

OH S#!T !!

 17.Daijoubu da yo/ daijoubu da: it’s okay. (daijoubu da senpai, im willing to forgive you, coz, ASHITERU senpai!)

When you are willing to forgive your senpai, no matter what.

 18.Ashiteru/ daisuku: (creepy way of saying) I love you/ (‘okay’ way of saying) I like/love you. (ASHITERU YO/ DAISUKI SENPAI, KYAAA!!!)


Okay, ‘Ashiteru’ is 50 shades of creepy. While, daisuki is fine to use.

 19.Sou ka: Is that so? (senpai: sou ka ? kuchi kuchi chan ?)

sou ka
Oh really?

20.Kimoi: GROSS/ creepy (eww, kimoi!)


kimoi! Get away from me! you’re so fugly!

 21.Muri da : Impossible (no way this is muri da!)

masaka, muri da!

Yep, it is muri da.

22.Kutabare/ shinjimae: Go to hell/ drop dead (kutabare! Anata wa minikui desu! It means: go to hell! You’re ugly!)


Deal with it & kutabare. uhuh, oh yeah, you know what i mean. Now, get the hell outta here.

 23.Temae: rough way of referring to someone. (temee!!!)


You know it when a baka deserves a bitc# slap, just call him ‘temee’ to calm yourself down.

 24.Oshiete yo: tell me ( oshiete yo senpai, whom do you like more?)

oshiete yo

So, senpai ? whats the answer? Oshiete yo.

 25.Arigatou: thank you. (arigatou, senpai!)

It’s polite to say thanks. So arigatou to all you readers for reading this.

26.Kawaii/ kawai desu ne: CUTE! / YOU’RE SO CUTE ( kawaii desu ne senpaii)


when senpai is kawaii beyond imagination.

27.Dattebayo: an extra emphasis at the end of a Japanese word/phrase which only true naruto fans are allowed to use in their sentences.

dattebayo #remix


28.Subarashi: splendid, excellent, superb. (SUBARASHI! senpai is so sugoi, he did it so easily!)



Thank you all for reading my article, as a reward, here is a video

(uploaded by some weird otaku dude) which shows 3 hours of onii chan spam



2 thoughts on “Awesome Anime Phrases and Words by Uchiha_Society

  1. It has been one of the most ENTERTAINING yet informative article I read for the day!!!! haha I loved every bit of it and THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR SHARING!! I went from serious to giggle to tensed to “ohh that’s what it means” moment and I was awed by how wonderfully you have explained. No.18 was my favorite,not because of it’s meaning but because of this “Okay, ‘Ashiteru’ is 50 shades of creepy. While, daisuki is fine to use.” haha It actually made me smile!! LOVED IT!! Hats off to your creativity. Would love to see more of your writings.


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