Oxford International School Scout Group and Its Many Significant Achievement

Scouting or the Scout Movement is a movement that aims to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development. Oxford Intentional School Scout Group is one of the most contributing and honored organizations of Oxford International School as it enables Scouts to participate in

training,workshop,camping and community services. It encourages development as worthy and valuable citizens with self-discipline and strength for both boys and girls.

Scouts Members standing in a U-shaped Prayer Formation

The Oxford Intentional School Scout Group has brought great success since the last four years. Scout activities are performed both indoors and outdoors. At present,the largest Scout Group among all English Medium Schools is the Oxford International School Scout Group,which has more than one hundred students as active Scouts. At least three troop meetings are arranged for each batch ,where the Scout Leader trains each and every Scout and Rover Scout with significant non-profit contribution towards the Scout Organization.The weekly meeting is the glue that holds a Scout troop together. Well-planned meetings run by the troop’s Secretary and youth leaders are full of excitement and satisfaction. Meeting time devoted to learning new skills and organizing future campout, service projects, and other activities helps keeping interest levels and enthusiasm high. Patrols have opportunities at troop meetings to meet together, to learn as a team, and to share what they know. Whether they serve as the honor guard during an opening flag ceremony, as the presenters of a Scouting skill, or as the organizers of a game or activity, every patrol contributes to every troop meeting. A portion of a troop meeting is devoted to the demonstration and practice of skills that enhances Scouts’ ability to hike and camp, and to passes requirements for higher ranks. The Secretary of the Oxford International Scout Group guides troop’s youth leaders to take leading roles in planning, conducting, and assisting the success of troop meetings. Leadership is a skill that can be learned only by experience, and troop meetings serve as regular occasions for that to happen. Troop meetings offer ideal settings for patrols to take part in contests and competitions that test their expertise and their abilities to cooperate with one another.10987433_805524456196021_6931702196573344524_o11698683_894802717268194_5477888954961926297_n
A four-day long Adventure Camp was organized in Chittagong, Rangamati and Comilla districts in May 2011. The school’s Principal, 5 Scout Leaders attended the camp along with 50 Scouts and Rover Scouts. Another Adventure Camp was organised on a chilly December day of 2014 in Sylhet. Outdoors provides a unique learning experience cleverly disguised as fun and adventure. Scouts and Rover Scouts coordinate several days-worth of activities at sites across the council to provide ample opportunities to join the fun of activities such as acquainting, singing, dancing, drama, sight-seeing, Cleanliness Movement, Campfire,trekking and what not.10855074_798759663539167_8864325243031711519_o 10942991_798759973539136_1073319245907018775_o
The Oxford International School Scout Group celebrated Baden Powell’s birthday on the 22nd February by conducting a Cleanliness Movement in Lalmatia Block-A Field. 20 Scouts and Rover Scouts took part in this social movement in the scorching sun and maintained a considerable standard of discipline. More than 50 students participated in the Cleanliness Movement,held in Chandrima Uddan on the 3rd of May,2015. The Cleanliness Movements arranged does not mean just to pick up rubbish and damp it in a sack,it is a pledge that every Scout takes and expects to continue this momentum of awareness further in future.

1899514_821102827971517_1635281898233985622_o 10688242_798760070205793_9093029809166294988_o 11270379_860771277338005_4496864859145541586_o
The Oxford International School Scout Group attended the 60th Anti-drug Campaign organized by the Prothom Alo on 23rd May at W.V.A Auditorium. Famous writer Anisul Haque and National Cricket player Tamim Iqbal was present in the Campaign. A total of 60 scouts attended the campaign and interrogated inquisitive questions to the guests. The Prothom Alo Community praised the Scouts for their participation. Scouts attended the ‘Meditation Training Program in 2015’ where the Scouts learned to achieve peace and prosperity through the art of meditation based on the ‘ Creative formula’ and were certified by the founder of ‘Creative Meditation’ for their participation. Oxford International School Scout Group visited the ‘Dhaka District Rover Moot 2014’. 60 Scouts and Rover Scouts participated in a training camp at Mouchak, Gazipur. One of the Scout has been to Sweden to attend the ‘Swedish International Scout Jamboree’ in July 2011.11141757_848253025256497_445334595873271738_o 11080920_835957409819392_420817169747573465_n11146639_867082390040227_3476289123300105410_o11270630_867082866706846_2347171073322465079_o
On the 4th of July, Team Surge from Oxford International School conducted a seminar out of many in the PDF’s Summer Challenge. In this seminar they taught young children of SOS Children’s Village the basics of a computer. Volunteers from the Oxford International School Scout Group teach individuals some thorough information on the different topics. Team Surge has won the title of ‘Best of the Best’ team in this PDFSC’15! Scouts represented the school as Volunteers in the ‘Daily Star Awards 2014’ and in the ‘Daily Star Award 2015’ in which the entire venue was volunteered by Scouts and Rover Scouts. The Group arranged a Study Camp in 2014 and organized ‘Oxford Premier League’ in 2014. Scouts and Rover Scouts participated in making the ‘Annual Picnic 2014’ of Oxford International School a success by providing services at the event. Fun activities such as an Scout’s Iftaar was conducted by the high potential Batch 6000 as well.11751432_894804637268002_6410395510672839008_n11752345_894801743934958_4645931208083873002_n
Oxford International School Scout Group not only is preparing Scouts and Rovers so that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills, but also has contributed in helping the scouts to be devoted in both academic as well as extra-curricular activities.

10410692_841120265969773_4067666520899267129_n 10959965_811024405646026_12179931208211140_o  scout


2 thoughts on “Oxford International School Scout Group and Its Many Significant Achievement

  1. This is utterly SHAMEFUL how less response this WONDERFUL article has received!!! I must confess, that I highly doubt if anyone could have done a better justice to this article than YOU!! I LOVED IT and it makes me a little sad how much I have missed when I was gone 😦 but on the other hand, I could not have been any prouder than this of our OIS Scout team and of YOU,Arin!! I loved it so much and admire how detailed and well-arranged this article looks. This is one of the best pieces in this group so far!! :’) Thank YOU for taking some time out and writing it. It makes me so proud that words are falling short to describe it. #SpeechlessAtTheMoment :’)

    From my deepest and most sincere part of my heart, I would like to SALUTE the man behind all of these initiations…I salute one of the truest and most noble souls I have come across, Mr. Akhteruzzaman!! Sir, you have worked so hard and selflessly, and look, your children have made you proud. I can say with utmost certainty that WITHOUT this man, THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE!!! Cannot compare him! **SALUTE**


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    1. you just made my article worth writing. Someday,i won’t miss to say that this very girl is one of the people behind the beautiful piece of writing. So yeah thankyouuuu from the very bottom of my bosom.

      And as for the greatest of all men,our Akhter Sir,this writing wouldn’t exist without his hard work.


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