9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Play MMO’s/ MOBA


  1. MMO’s are highly addictive. Once you’re hooked on to an MMO, you will find yourself being unable to let go. When you do try, you will face withdrawal symptoms, like not being able to focus on anything and craving to get back to playing MMO.

  1. It is very time-consuming. Our modern lives are already packed with work and studies with little time left to spend with our friends and families. MMOs require a lot of time to make progress. Many MMO gamer find themselves coldly sacrificing their leisure time to play MMOs. They can even sacrifice their sleep in the name of the unholy teemo (satan of LoL) to play MMOs during ungodly hours.
  2. Thus, contributing to the undesired Anti-social Symptoms. Tackling withdrawal symptoms, sacrificing sleep and refusing friends/family time for a mere MMO are signs that you’re clearly losing your shit. Most gamers, in this process, forget how to interact with others in simple manners. Some of them can’t even gather the energy for a spirit bomb no I mean some of them can’t even gather the energy to walk out of their room. Thus making their skin pale like Edward Cullen’s. Trust me when I say, you wouldn’t want to be the Edward Cullen of the society because; first of all, twilight sucks and uh… that’s all.
  3. Following the anti-social symptoms is the habit of possessing extremely rude manners. Most MMO players tend to look upon the world as 12 to 15 years old teenagers who did their mom and are waiting in line to do their mom. That’s not even the worst part, an MMO gamer learns the strangest and weirdest ways of abusing people who will even put the gringos in your school to shame.
  4. When I wrote about ‘rude manners’ I also meant to write about anger issues. You will pretty bad anger issues if you are playing an MMO. 9 out of 11 people lose their ‘shit’. Your short temper will get the best of you and will feel the constant urge to bash every one’s ‘fookin’ head in. In your sight everyone else is noob and holding you down from reaching gold rank.
  5. Playing MMOs greatly hampers your education. It you will not be able to concentrate and you will play games instead of doing your homework.
  6. It also harms your linguistic abilities. You will find yourself distortedly speaking unable to express yourself. If you’re trying to write a college application, you’re screwed.
    It is mostly due to the foreign players trying to speak English with a bad sense of grammar.
  7. Playing online MMO contributes greatly towards obesity. Great athletes who were once slim and ’smexy’ are now fat and undesirable just because they started playing online games. MMOs require negligible physical motion and people tend to sit down with junk food and cola before starting a game. Let me give you some examples of obesity due to gaming: i) 10 pounds per week. ii) Possibility of gaining cellulite. iii) worse even: moobs (look online), etc, etc.
  8. Last but not least, playing MMOs can be a huge waste of money. While most of the MMOs are said to be FREE, but they are not. Riot for example (league of legends/ MOBA) have earned millions of dollars through micro transactions (nifty money) alone. While a single game of CS:GO(Online Multiplayer FPS) can cost 700 BDT, it also has in-game gun customizing skins which also cost money. Not to mention the XP, enhancements, boosts that tempt the gamers to buy them for better performance and faster progress. Sometimes gamers reach a certain point in an MMO where they have to pay to play or buy monthly subscriptions. Sometimes even when they are not forced (directly) they have to buy perks like for example in the facebook game shadowgun gamers have to buy a helmet with real money to save them from head shots or else it becomes difficult to win the game. Gamers have to keep up with their friends or they have liked some feather they have to unlock without spending much time upon it, they have to spend money, for instance in league of legends , if you cannot unlock a champion with hard work and time, buy it. So, what’s it gotta be? Time or money?
  9. Oh wait, I forgot about the hygiene and bad self-esteem. When you’re playing online games, you lose your self-esteem and proper hygiene. You will start picking your nose, which apparently, many of us dislike. You will start scratching your head or private parts (subconsciously of course). Then you will get accustomed to doing it in public. You will choose games over a shower which will take only 5 minutes. You will eat your food on your computer desk and then work on your unclean desk without bothering to give it a swipe. You will wear the same clothes for several days.
    These are some of the side effects of playing MMOs/ MMORPG/ MOBA/ FPS Multiplayer.

10 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Play MMO’s/ MOBA

  1. This reads like it’s written by someone with an IQ between 5 and 6. I assume it’s meant to be comedy but, since it didn’t even make me smile once, I can’t say it works. What you’ve done is taken the stereotype of MMO players and just written it down in a bit of a crass way. Also, FYI, League of Legends, Dota 2 and CS:GO aren’t MMOs, they are MOBAs, which is a pretty big difference. I hate to be so negative to people just starting their blogs but improvement is needed.

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  2. Istiak, you might have overlooked that the title says 10 where as you put up 9 reasons. And I agree with @cloudvstheworld. If you’re going to write something, there should be some evidence to show that you researched, just so you don’t contradict yourself.
    Other than that, good go.
    How did you find me, by the way?

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    1. Yeah, I kind of apologize for the misleading title and the bad job i did with the article. Although I cannot recall the 10th reason disappearing from this article…. And also, i have a bad habit of contradicting myself, its mostly due to the forgetful memory i have.

      However, i just started this website to encourage the students of our school to be able write to their hearts content and share the product of their creativity with all of us in order to inspire, motivate as well as gain “prestige”. This is just a sample article. I did not bother to decorate it much.

      A friend of mine, Mohaimenul Islam, showed me your blog/site: The Closeted Non-native… um, i forgot the rest of the name. I really admire what you’re trying to do. To encourage others to write without hesitation. That is exactly what I m trying to do right now. To motivate others to write. It is such a wonderful thing.

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  3. 1 is correct in the sense that I’ve played a mmorpg for seven years.. but while I have quit playing the game seriously I am still very much immersed in the lore which has the depth and scope of an epic fantasy book.

    2. not really. I started playing mmo after my class ostracized me and my fellow gamers gave me a lot of good advice.. helped me reintegrate into society.

    3. meh. I said good fight after every victory or loss, scammed players to teach them a lesson then just gave them their money back because they’d be more careful next time.

    4. which is why there is a rants section in most mmo forums. Rants also doubles as sarcasm/ satire section.

    5. same goes for any other hobby really.. you need to spend time on it in a regular basis to improve. But mmos have save game… so you can get back to it in a year or more.. some mmos have on and off players who quit for 2 years, play again for 1, and then quit again.

    6. In Runescape there was a world allocated just for roleplaying where the players would make full use of excellent English and unique syntax to spice things up. Runescape is a British mmo so it has americans, aussies and brits. There are dedicated servers for german, french, brazilian and spanish nationals though. This filters our the non-native speakers from the native ones.

    7. Access to fields in some areas is restrictive or only for the privileged. I grew up playing street cricket, football and basketball.

    8. You can also sell ingame items and gain real life cash. Depends on how good the gamer is at micro managing cash. People spend a decent chunk of cash on candy crash as things currently stand so pin pointing mmos is not the way to go.

    9. stereotype.

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